With four key focus areas, Milestone’s strategy leads both management and people to excellent performance and future growth.
The strategy, covering 2020-2022, is all about business flexibility - for partners, customers and employees at Milestone. We believe in the technical flexibility that comes with the open technology platform, and that has been a trademark of Milestone since our early days.
But openness and flexibility must reflect all parts of our business and relationships. That’s why, we have built this into our strategy; instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we follow a flexible and dynamic plan that gives direction for the next economy.
The strategy provides guidance for the decisions and actions we will take now, and in the coming years.
… instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we follow a flexible and dynamic plan that gives direction for the next economy.
People first
Our employees, competencies, and culture are vital to our success. That is why we increase our investment in communication and recruitment – to shape and feed our company culture and strengthen our employer brand.
We strive to continuously improve onboarding, development, and retention, for instance through our Milestone Leadership, Sales and Developer Academies. In parallel, we develop and refine agile systems, teams and work processes to support the business, sustain future growth and enable us to work together globally.
Digitize Milestone
In the years to come, we will continue to digitize our products, services, and processes. We will improve the Milestone Store and launch new online services and a help portal for customers and our partners. We aim to automate key processes globally, for instance by leveraging CRM, ERP, and Code Management Systems and by using robotics to increase efficiency.
In addition, we will enable a transactional marketplace to ensure order-to-cash optimization and a contractual framework.
Accelerate Innovation
In 2019, we increased our development resources by 45 percent to further expand our capacity to deliver new innovative products and services.
Our focus was on video processing power, metadata and analytics, and cyber security. To deliver, we launched initiatives that address needs beyond security, for example, Innovation Lab to explore industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart cities and buildings. Going forward, with these initiatives will enhance solution selling together with partners by expanding our Marketplace and collaborating with other technology market platforms.
Scale business
We will keep our strong focus on increasing net revenue, maintaining our gross margin and level and ensuring our cost-to-revenue balance. To scale our business, we will strengthen our Information Technology (IT) and cyber security foundation, as well as continue to modernize IT and operations in general.
Responsible use of technology

It’s time to take responsibility

Using technology to benefit humans and society has been part of Milestone’s way of thinking for many years.
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