Grow together

Milestone Group Annual report
Letter from our Executive Directors

Passing a milestone for Milestone

“A couple of years ago, we challenged the company to achieve an annual net revenue of one billion Danish Kroner.”

Performance highlights of the year

Net revenue
DKK Million
Operating expenses
Growth in 2019 shown in percent
Average number of full time employees
Employee satisfaction (loyalty)
Milestone employees rated their satisfaction and motivation at 78 and their loyalty at 86 out of 100 in the annual Global Employee Survey in 2019. These numbers are very satisfying.
Financial review


Milestone delivered 10 percent revenue growth and revenue exceeded DKK 1 billion.
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Our philosophy

The power of open

We create value through our open platform, people and partners.
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Our strategy paves the way to the next economy

With four key focus areas, Milestone’s strategy leads both management and people to excellent performance and future growth.
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Responsible use of technology

It’s time to take responsibility

Using technology to benefit humans and society has been part of Milestone’s way of thinking for many years.
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